Camino Baztanés

  • Valle de Baztán, Euskadi (España)
  • Distancia:110 km
  • Etapas:6
  • Ruta circular:No


The Baztan route was quite pilgrimage in times of the Middle Ages by kings, armies, pilgrims or merchants who sought to cross the border between both countries.
They chose this route since it allows to travel through an area of the Pyrenees of lower altitude than the others, specifically more than the closest Aragonese route.

The Camino develops through the Baztán Valley, which gives its name to this route and is one of the most spectacular landscapes within the Pyrenean Atlantic valleys. In addition, it is a route closely linked to Basque culture so you can get to know this community in depth.

One of the most recognized elements on this route is the monastery of San Salvador de Urdax, created with the aim of giving asylum to the pilgrims who made the Camino in the times when it was the most pilgrimage.



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