Menorca Kayak 360º

  • Menorca, IsIas Baleares (España)
  • Distancia:210 km
  • Etapas:4 a 7
  • Ruta circular:Si


Menorca Kayak 360º aims to complete the return to Menorca by sea kayak. The crossing consists of 7 stages that allow to discover the great beauty and diversity of the 210 km of coast of the island.

There is also the possibility of realizing a part of the coast, the northern coastal zone with 4 stages. Or the southern coastal zone in 4 stages, are also options that allow to adapt to the availability of both available days and physical level.

Beaches and coves practically inaccessible from land, islets, caves, natural bridges, cliffs, reefs, turquoise waters, posidonia meadows ... The return to Menorca by sea kayak is undoubtedly one of the most genuine experiences that can be experienced today in the Mediterranean.

And even more so for those who dare to do so outside of the summer season. A fast-paced experience, where boredom is ruled out !!!



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