Camino del Cid

  • Valencia, Com. Valenciana (España)
  • Distancia:362 km
  • Etapas:7 a 10
  • Ruta circular:No


El Camino del Cid is a cultural tourist itinerary which crosses Spain from northwest to southeast and follow the literary and historical traces of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, El Cid, the famous medieval knight in the eleventh century.

The main travel guide of this route is the Song of the Cid, the great medieval epic poem Hispanic chronicles the adventures of the Cid, written in the late twelfth century or early thirteenth century.

The sites, landscapes and castles that appear in the Song of My Cid form the backbone of this itinerary. It also covers some places that do not appear in the Song but are linked to the historical figure of the Cid.

Because of its length (about 1,400 kilometers of trails and 2,000 kilometers of roads) is divided into themed routes between 50 and 300 km approximately joined together, so you can accommodate the trip to your holidays.

El Camino del Cid bicycle road has a length of 2,017 km and is divided into 10 routes ranging in length between 66 km and 362 km.

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