Basoak Pyrenees

  • Pirineos Occidentales, Navarra (España)
  • Distancia:612 km
  • Desnivel:12.580 m+
  • Etapas:3 a 7
  • Ruta circular:Si


BASOAK PYRENEES is a road cycling route, circular and with options from 7 to 3 stages.

The geographic space that we will cover through BASOAK PYRENEES includes all of northern Navarra, southern Gipuzkoa and the Atlantic Pyrenees of the Basque-French country.

The 12,580 meters of promotion that has the route, in its option PLUS with 18,460 meters positive include the classic ports of the Navarrese rounds, Urbasa, Uitzi, Etxauri ... the "walls" of the Basque classics, Gaintza, Aztiria, La Antigua ... and the new, hard and "modern" ports - some already discovered for professional cycling - of the Basque Pyrenees; Inharpu / Ahuski, Bagargi, Arnostegi ... etc, along with others already settled like Issarbe, Larrau and La Pierre de San Martín.

The route is designed to be done in a free, self-guided, or assisted way. All the necessary information to make the route is freely provided and can likewise be equally distributed.

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