La Mirada Circular

  • Castilla y León (España)
  • Distancia:220 km
  • Desnivel:5.700 m+
  • Etapas:3 a 5
  • Ruta circular:Si


La Mirada Circular is a circular route that goes around the Bierzo region. A self-guided MTB route that can be done all year round, with a route designed for summer and another for winter.

The summer tour is about a route of 310 km that would be the circular loop par excellence of the Bercianas mountains, crowning the highest points of the area, from where you can enjoy some landscapes not to forget.

The winter route is a route of 220 km designed to cross the intermediate skirt of the Berciana mountain. In the course of this tour we will have the opportunity to visit some sections of the French Way of St. James. This route is also an option for the biker who does not have availability for so many days or who does not want a very demanding route at the physical level.

El Bierzo is nature in its purest state, enjoying its charming towns and its wonderful popular gastronomy in the area. Binatur, the organizer of the route, takes care of everything, accommodation, luggage transport, assistance on the road, mountain bike hire or e-bike if necessary, track and gift at the end of the route.

Do not miss this magical adventure !!!

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Summer Tour

Winter Tour




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