Els 3 Regnes Btt

  • Los Puertos, Com. Valenciana (España)
  • Distancia:183 km
  • Desnivel:5.650 m+
  • Etapas:3
  • Ruta circular:Si


Cyclo-tourist route mountain bike that runs through the Natural Park of Els Ports (Tarragona) by the Natural Park of Benifassà Tinença and Matarraña.

A true MTB route you will discover the charm of the Massif "Port", the magnificent wild landscapes of the "Tinença de Benifassà" and tranquility of Matarraña.

This route runs along trails, paths and cycle tracks perfectly but is not specifically marked, so you will have to go with the map and GPS to orient properly.

We have two modes of route:

In 2 stages: Designed for those who want to enjoy an authentic mountain bike weekend for a dream mountains.

In 3 stages: Designed for those who have less of a hurry and want to enjoy a great cruise tour for 3 kingdoms.

The pack includes map, roadbook, briefing route, technical shirt, technical socks Valencian brand LURBEL, gifts of sports nutrition, GPS Garmin Dakota 20 with the track should not have your own, and transfer of luggage on the route 3 stage (to start the route in the Senia and the end).




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