Basoak Pyrenees Mtb

  • Navarra, Euskadi (España)
  • Distancia:311 km
  • Desnivel:9.600 m
  • Etapas:2 a 6
  • Ruta circular:No


Basoak Mtb is a set of mountain biking stages that take place in the north of Navarra - from the border with Gipuzkoa in the west to the Ori Peak in the east.

The different combination of stages gives rise to the different existing Basoak options, among which stand out for their potential in the world of routes by mountain bike stages Basoak Aralar - Irati, a novel proposal of an online route that runs for 4 days of pedaling from west to east the whole territory Basoak and Basoak Pamplona - Irati - Pamplona a proposal of 5 stages - in its full version - that with start and end in Pamplona reaches in 2 stages the Irati Forest, dedicates one more stage to Cycle through it and return to Pamplona again in another 2 days, taking advantage of the vastness of a territory whose geography allows to retrace the path without having to repeat, no longer a path, but practically not even geography.

When we join Basoak Aralar - Irati with the second half of Basoak Pamplona - Irati - Pamplona the result is Basoak Total, a 6-stage proposal with 311 kilometers of travel and 9,600 m. of unevenness in which at no time will we abandon the forests or the large sections of the buzzwords; Flow and Singletrack.

Apart from these main lines, there are other options for fewer days or even weekends available as variants.




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