Ainsa Canyoning

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  • Pirineos, Aragón (España)


My name is Manu Molina, I have been a professional guide since summer 2008, but in spirit I already wanted to be a mountain guide when I was 13 years old when I discovered the mountain and that living adventures was within reach of where my feet would take me. Mountaineering, climbing and ravines have just encouraged and shaped my passion for the mountain in general and the Pyrenees in particular.

Since 2008 I have guided descents of canyons from Sobrarbe, so I am proud to say that I belong to the group of guides of the best area of ​​ravines of the summer Pyrenees. My years of work guarantee that I can offer the descents of the area with optimal capacity of adaptation to the environment and to the conditions of each moment and group.

As you must know today the profession of the guide is regulated, there is a technical training to be properly trained and trained. I offer activities from the convenient application of the training of my training, and of the legal regulations of my sector, which include being in an official registry, and having contracted suitable insurance policies of civil liability and mountain accident insurance.

Since 2015 I have promoted the idea of ​​Aínsa Canyoning, but I have the help of guides of similar or greater experience than I to complete the activities that arise.

Let us accompany you to the mountain, or take you from the ravines, and I bet you will want to repeat.




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