Grok Guias

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  • Cataluña Central, Cataluña (España)


Young and very keen on mountains. We are a team of professionals, graduates, with more than 10 years of experience in adventure sports. In which we have turned the most important mountains of our country into our playground. We like our work, and that in the end, makes the difference.

Located 20 km from Barcelona. We offer a different type of leisure, alternative and current, far from that can be found in urban centers. We changed the stress and monotony, for fresh air, sport and adrenaline.

We work to adapt and improve our activities to an increasingly demanding and diverse public, both in ages and in physical condition.

Personalized services and small groups.

The ratios per guide are in accordance with the moral ethic that sports in the mountain, respecting the environment and the people who want to enjoy in it.

We believe in developing sustainable activities. Far from the bustle and the bad habits, which make of & nbsp; The mountain, a pure and hard commercial factory, forgetting about the values ​​and principles that are integrated in it. It is one of our most important premises, since we are the professional guides, the main responsible for disseminating and acting with total education and respect in our job.

All Grok guides are and will be titled. Premise without equanon that wants to help to dignify the profession of mountain guide and that fights to obtain a social reward for all those people who are professional guides and they are united by this same cause.



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